“HFIO for me was not something I had personally sought after, but rather a gift God gave me when I needed it most. The weekend retreat at Life House was my second round of HFIO in less then a year and though I was not really expecting anything new to come of it, God had other plans. During my experience Jesus reached out to me in ways I could have never thought possible through my fellow classmates, the instructors, and through our alone time together. He revealed some scars I was not even aware that I had, but also brought some much needed healing where it was needed the most. Through this course He provided me with the needed tools to get through some of life’s “gunk” and to move forward into a closer relationship with Him.”
-Courtney Lynn

“I had the honor and privilege of attending an HFIO retreat at Lifehouse. The facilitators were excellent and sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. It was amazing how many areas of my life I was able to receive healing in during a short 4-day retreat. I highly recommend it to everyone. One of the issues I was able to address was the sexual abuse history in our family, along with a pattern of abusive relationships. Lighthouse brought the issues into the light where healing could occur. Thank you!”

“Words that I remember most, “You should try again” and a prayer that helped me see God is with me at all times. I was able to work through shame, bitterness and unforgiveness. My eyes were open again to blessings that I shut myself from receiving, reconnection with family. If you are stuck, if you have lost hope, if you don’t know what to do, try again and attend a Life House Retreat and see what God does for you. You will be amazed!”

“I was blessed to attend a weekend Life House Women’s retreat last spring. I was unsure what to expect as this was my first retreat like this, but really needed help.  Upon arriving, I felt welcomed, and could not believe the attention to detail taken at this retreat. Every aspect of my healing journey had been thought of from food allergies to journals and pens on the bed when I settled into my room. It is the perfect blend of workshops, balanced with quiet reflection time, and fun time with the other women there.  It was so relaxing, peaceful, and healing that I plan to return for a second retreat. I am thankful for Life House Ministries and the retreat; it blessed my life with healing that I didn’t think was possible.” -Jenifer

“Through the Life House retreat I went to, it helped me to reconnect with the Lord and to find my purpose again. It was truly a transformative experience. It gave me the strength to face the path that Jesus has led me on.”

“This home is covered by God, very welcoming and comfortable. A safe place to be vulnerable and receive the full healing from God. This retreat has forever changed my life. I have been given freedom and power through the love of Christ, to complete the process of change, leading to full restoration and transformation.” -A. P.

“It was a great God move to place Levy Retreats and Life House together. What an incredible blessing to partner with them as we worked to build the curriculum and structure for our four-day retreats. It was not only the opening of their home to use as a facility, it was the God-breathed ministry that drew people in and allowed us to change lives as we worked to become a ministry as well.
I can never thank God enough for bringing our two hearts together. I highly recommend Lifehouse. I know the heart behind it is one beating for God.”
Edith Levy
Owner/Operator Levy Retreats

“What a freeing experience!!  God definitely used Life House and the HFIO retreat to bring me closer to Him.  There were a couple of areas in my life that I was really struggling with. Through this retreat, I learned how to release my grip on these areas and surrender them to God.” -C.R.

“God brought me HFIO and Lifehouse at the darkest point in my life. I wasn’t looking for anything close to it, but God knew what I needed. I attended the four day retreat where God worked amazing things in my life. I was able to work through the abuse that I had endured throughout my life and recommit my life to him where I am now able to focus on the positive and where God will lead me next.” -Carol

“If you want a safe place to reach the places you’re scared to touch and sort it through to get direction, then this is the place, the time, and the safety to be.”


“I received SO MUCH clarity, which then resulted in freedom from a certain bondage that has hindered me most of my life. I had so many eye opening and “ah-ha” moments. I felt extremely safe and not judged which made it easier to be really honest and open.”

– S. Roger

“I walked in and felt so comfortable and welcomed immediately. The food was healthy and comforting as well. The facilitators were very easy to talk to. This retreat was very helpful and encouraging. The house was full of space for me to have private space with God, and very clean. If you’re looking for healing, laughter, compassion, and truth then I suggest you give this a try!”

-Wendy Hughes