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During Life House Retreats we spend 4 days covering the Healing From the Inside Out curriculum in small group discussions and through individual processing time.

Retreats are designated for men or women and are listed on the Retreat Schedule page. Space is limited and Retreat Registration is required to hold your place.

Topics discussed are…

•The Family System
•Family Roles
•Effects of Childhood Trauma
•Unhealthy Relationships
•The Cycle of Abuse
•Shame and Guilt
•The Process of Change
•Breaking the Cycle for the Next Generation

Can You Relate?

  • I can’t stand to be alone
  • I am a perfectionist
  • I feel unloved and ignored
  • I feel depressed when I can’t gain the approval of others
  • I over-eat often to feel good
  • Growing up, rules were used to punish, not teach
  • I can’t say “no” when I am asked to do a favor
  • I am out of control
  • My emotions are controlled and repressed
  • I have been sexually abused
  • Don’t speak, don’t feel, don’t trust
  • I feel angry and don’t know why
  • I am hopeless, lost, and feel dead inside
  • I feel I have potential, but I just can’t do it
  • I don’t feel like God could possibly love me

Wendy Thomas is the author of the curriculum “Healing From the Inside Out.” It was developed in 1989 for the counseling department at her church. This program is provided through many churches and individual groups and continues to touch lives by bringing restoration to men, women & families.


Healing retreats are $130 per participant. Payment is due no later than 1 week prior to the retreat in order to reserve your place. There is a maximum of four participants and two facilitators on the premises for the duration of the four days. Cost includes food & beverages, lodging, and workbook/journal materials. Bring comfortable clothes and personal items. Beds, linens, and towels are provided. Both shared and single occupancy rooms are available.

multi-occupancy room
Single occupancy room

Retreats begin at 10am on the first day scheduled, conclude on the fourth day at 12pm, and are held in Laveen, AZ. This is a full retreat with the expectation of each participant sleeping at the residence for all three nights.

We can not issue refunds for cancellations made with one week or less notice.

Please be sure to notify us if you have pet (cats) or food allergies.



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