Life House Coaching provides one-on-one coaching and biblical counsel for men, women, couples, and teens in Laveen, AZ.

Are you are in crisis, feel stuck, or need clarity in your current circumstance? Do you need a mediator or an impartial ear to share life’s struggles with?

We are emotional beings, designed to acknowledge and process feelings. Denying how we feel can lead to numbing with such things as alcohol, drugs, shopping, cutting, sex, relationships, or any kind of distraction we have access to. However, they will only bring temporary relief  and could escalate as the need to avoid pain increases. There is hope to move past coping day-by-day and overcome the obstacles of life. Moving through emotions is not the easy road, but it brings about healing and long-lasting relief. 

If you believe you would benefit from individual coaching, contact us and schedule a consultation to evaluate what is needed to begin your healing journey.