11174448_1648893678677341_3350334387461825888_oLife House Mission

The Life House is dedicated to ministering to  those that have experienced trauma, abuse, feel stuck, or find themselves coping with life rather than thriving.

In the safety of weekly small groups or retreat settings, we meet together to discuss the sometimes painful issues that affect the person you are today. Within an atmosphere of acceptance and sharing, we are able to allow God to touch the “wounded” areas in our lives and bring healing and wholeness.

Life House Founder

Jenene Macaulay began Life House AZ in January of 2015 after much prayer and many years of her own personal journey toward healing.
In 2010 she found herself at the end of her coping mechanisms as the walls she had built around her began to crumble. Although she was a church going, Jesus loving woman she found she had little joy with life and was not experiencing the peace and growth the Bible spoke about.

Jenene began attending Healing From the Inside Out at a local church. Within weeks she came to realize the abuse and trauma of her childhood that had been so easily dismissed, had in fact deeply influenced all of her relationships, how she responded to others, choices she was making, and contributed to the lies she had come to believe about herself.

As the weeks continued to unfold, Jesus revealed wounded places never before acknowledged and healed them with a compassion she had never experienced before. The journey continued with other classes, books, seeing a counselor, and individual processing.

It soon became evident that God placed a passion on her heart for others who are hurting and have found life and relationships to be a struggle. Prayers to open her home for classes, coaching, and retreats began. Over the next several years she continued to train as a facilitator, study healing curriculums, and assist with one-on-one coaching.

In January 2015 God began to moving in a big ways as the first retreat was held. Jenene received her Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Counseling  in May 2015 and Life House began home-based Healing Retreats and small group classes.

“We live in a fallen world where we experience physical, mental, and spiritual pain on a regular basis. Time marches forward and it appears as though we move on after hurtful events or traumas occur. However, very rarely do we understand or acknowledge the magnitude of the damage that was done, the ramifications that continue, or how to stop the bad cycles that developed as a result. Knowing God offers healing is not enough to live it. We need tools to help us understand, accept, and forgive before the healing can begin.

People need a place to go, a refuge from the storm, where others have experienced similar hurts and can guide them through the pain toward God’s healing.

I am excited to be part of your journey.”    -Jenene Macaulay


2 thoughts on “About Life House AZ

  1. Hi Jenene! You led a session of HFIO I attended. Loved it! I found this while looking for help for my brother. Sadly he does not live in AZ. If you have any advice about other studies or books that would be similar to HFIO would you share them with me?


    1. Hi Debbie! I’m so glad you enjoyed your session of HFIO. Unfortunately I don’t know of any other curriculum that is quite like HFIO, but you may be able to purchase a binder for your brother from Central Christian Church and send it to him.


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