Don’t Talk-Don’t Trust-Don’t Feel are mottoes of an unhealthy family. What do they all have in common? An aversion to the truth. And what does the Bible say about truth? You will know the truth and the truth will set you free. John 8:32 I find it very suiting that in the following verse they admit they didn’t even know they were in bondage. That is often the case with us. We do, say, and act out behaviors not fully understanding why. Sometime we are aware of them and have tried to stop or change them, but find ourselves returning to old habits as if we have no control. The behaviors do need to be addressed, but picking bad fruit from a tree won’t keep it from returning. We need to go to the roots and find out where the issue came from, and we need to take Jesus with us. This means facing the truth…talking about it…and feeling the emotions associated with it. Not fun. I know from experience. Everything in us and everything we’ve been taught says to avoid pain and discomfort. Pretending it didn’t happen, it wasn’t that bad, or I can just get over it are terrible lies we tell ourselves.truth John 18

Recently someone asked me, “Isn’t that opening old wounds?” My answer. “Did that wound ever really heal?”

Where do you start? You need someone to help push you. Like I said it’s not in our nature to run full force into pain. I can assure you that facing it, and taking it before God, can bring healing and freedom like you have never experienced before. After all, if you are already in bondage, what do you have to lose?

If you haven’t attended Healing From the Inside Out, do that! Check out the upcoming classes under Weekly Classes. Another great Bible Study curriculum that teaches how to address our issues is S.A.L.T. (Seven Areas of Life Training) you can find it at  And of course, find a good counselor! I recommend a Christian, faith based, counselor, because there is no true healing without Him.

If the Son makes you free, you are free indeed. John 8:36

And finally, start asking yourself the W’s. What am I feeling right now? Why? Where is this feeling coming from? When did I feel this way the first time?  Who or what triggers me to feel this way? Don’t be fearful when the answers lead you to painful places. Journal about them, talk to a safe person, and most importantly face the truth.

truth bible


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